For many parents, teaching their own teen how to drive can be both terrifying and frustrating.
If that's been you - you are not alone.
There is help. You can learn how to be a better coach for your teen driver.

Coaching New Drivers: 
A Parent's Guide to Coaching Teen Drivers with Less Fear and Frustration

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Has teaching your teenager to drive been a really frustrating experience, to say the least?
When you’re in the car with your new driver, sitting in the passenger seat, trying to teach them, is there a lot of... 
 ...white knuckles
 ...maybe even some swearing
 ...what about tears, has there been tears?

Has teaching your teenager how to drive caused big fights between you and your teen - or even you and your spouse?

When you look at your teenager sitting behind the wheel, do you still see that child learning to walk, falling down, and reaching up to you for help?

Or are you so terrified about the thought of your teenager driving alone that you won’t even begin to teach them? You haven’t even gotten in the car with them.

You know the statistics. Teenagers are the most at-risk of being involved in an accident (that’s why their insurance is so high!)

There is a lot of pressure in this situation, and it causes tensions (and voices) to rise.
Teaching a new driver is hard, and it’s especially hard when it’s your own child. 

As a parent of two daughters, I’ve experienced this first-hand. 

And as a driving instructor for over 15 years, I’ve had a first row seat to hundreds of parents and teens trying to navigate this new process. 

It’s hard. 

Parents shouting at kids. Kids shouting at parents. Parents exasperated. Kids crying. Doors slammed. Relationships hurt.
But There is a Better Way!
There is a better way than 
more screaming, 
more reprimanding, 
more fighting.

You, as the parent, can create a calming,
positive learning environment for your new driver to thrive.
You can create the calm atmosphere so that your teen hears, listens, and processes the information they need to make better safe driving decisions.

As parents, we’re so used to telling our children what to do. But when it comes to driving, we need to coach them.

Telling them what to do (brake now, turn here, put your turn signal on) will only help them know how to operate a car. But you don’t just want them to know how to operate the car; you want them to be a safe defensive driver, and continue to be long after you’re in the car with them.

Coaching involves asking questions; getting teens to think for themselves. 

When they start to process the information - the why and how of safe driving - having that "Ah Ha" moment, that’s when they’ll really start to incorporate safe driving habits.

After 15 years of teaching teenagers how to drive, I’ve compiled my best methods, strategies, and tips for parents on how to be a better coach for their new drivers.

Coaching New Drivers: Parent's Guide to Coaching Teen Drivers with Less Fear and Frustration
The lessons in these videos contain the phrases you can use to say to your teen to help them understand what they need to do and why and when.

I also go through what you should be showing and reviewing with your new driver (maybe you don’t think you need to show them how to adjust the mirrors, but spoiler alert - you do!)

The lessons are broken down into digestible videos for you to work through at your own pace. 

You can watch a lesson and take the information and strategy out on the road with your new driver.

Meet your Safe Driving Coach:

Todd Avery

For the past 15 years, I have coached hundreds of drivers, teaching them the "rules of the road,” how to be safe, be defensive and to always expect the unexpected. 

Teaching and coaching new drivers is my passion.
My philosophy is quite simple:
“I want the safest, most responsible, most attentive drivers on the road."

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