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The Parent's Survival Guide For New Teen Drivers Complete Package includes all 18 videos, for the price of $89.95.

Section 1: In the parking lot
- Getting started with the car
- Vehicle Controls
- Parking and Parking Lots
- Backing up and the Rear Camera
- Vision and Scanning the Road Ahead
- Rules of the Road and Right of Way Definitions

Section 2: On the road
- Highways and Lange Changes
- Safe Following Distances
- Weight of Vehicles
- Exit Signs & Off-Ramps
- Emergency Vehicles & Move Over Law
- Construction Zones

Section 3: Expect the unexpected
- Hazards and Deer
- Driving in the Rain
- Braking & ABS
- Driving in the Snow
- Motorcycles
- Getting Pulled Over by the Police
The Parent's Survival Guide For New Teen Drivers Complete Package for $89.95 will provide you with the information you need to coach your teen from their first time behind the wheel in the parking lot up through highway driving and everything in between.

You can also get started with our "Parking Lot" video package for only $29.95. This package includes all 6 videos you'll need to teach your new teen driver the skills they need before driving on the road.
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